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I've a script to retrieve certain info via a browser (Firefox, at the moment because with IE the same script created boatloads of windows when it started), but anway...

I tab to a radio button send ('{TAB 16}')

and select it send ( '{SPACE}')

tab to a text box send ('{TAB 12}')

enter some text send ('WXYZ')

tab to a button send ('{TAB 2}')

and press it send ('{ENTER}')

Sometimes this results in pressing the correct button, and sometimes it doesn't. I can do it manually, of course, with the same steps every time, but for some strange reason, AutoIt 3.1.0 won't do it consistently. (W98 machine)

The first two tab sends work perfectly every time, so could there be something weird with the text box?? If only AutoIt could "Find" the right button!

Any ideas on how to track this down? I stuck in lots of "sleep" commands.


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