LAST VERSION - 3.8 03-Jul-12 This library contains the WinAPI functions are not included for unknown reasons to the native AutoIt WinAPI library. I use this UDF in nearly all of my programs, and decided to share it with the AutoIt community. I agree that over time some of these functions will be part of the native AutoIt library, but still... The library includes some undocumented, but useful functions (eg _WinAPI_GetFontResourceInfo()). The library also contains all the necessary constants to work with the appropriate functions. Most functions from this UDF intended for experienced users, but beginners will find the same lot of useful information for yourself. I will be to periodically add new functions to the library. The archive contains WinAPIEx library, and as usual an excellent examples from me. Some examples I took from this forum and to simplify them for better understanding. For those who use SciTE (full version) I have prepared the and au3.user.calltips.api files to highlight functions from this UDF in your scripts. Just copy this files to ...SciTEProperties and ...SciTEAPI, respectively. I hope this UDF will be useful for many as for me. I look forward to any feedback and suggestions. Maybe somebody wants to add new WinAPI functions? Credits Available functions Files to download WinAPIEx UDF v3.8 for AutoIt Previous downloads: 27953 WinAPIEx UDF v3.8 for AutoIt 3.3.8.x Previous downloads: 14850