Hello Community, I decided to release this collection of functions to create a Treeview browser as a standalone product because I hope to get some input for further improvements this way (esp. Vista and Win7 compatibility, as I don't have these OS installed). I utilize them in both my programs AMT and SMF (see sig). ShellTristateTreeView v39, 2010-Aug-14 For sure the code itself is really dirty (e.g. the WM_NOTIFY needs unification), breaks any convention, and contains enough useless variables etc. pp... But I'll be happy about any help offered to clean up this quiet complex piece of code and to learn ways to further improve these functions and to share them with the community >_< ... Kudos to Holger Kotsch and R.Gilman (a.k.a. rasim) for (large) parts of the code, if you find portions written by yourself please let me know so that I can add you to the Kudos list ... 2009-Jul-27, v27 2010-Aug-14, v39 Regards ShellTristateTreeView_v27.zip ShellTristateTreeView_v39.zip