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Hey guys :)

I need some help (sorry for bad english):

I´ve got a window with the title "fhs Simple Ping".


That is the contents of the window:


Titel:" fhs Simple Ping ( 60 Seconds) " |----> the counter "60 seconds will go down

Inhalt: "The Server was not found" |-----> This text is a label! It change wenn the Server was found to "The Server was found"

Button: "Ok"


Now i will read the text from the window with "WinGetText".

Thats my script:

$var = WinGetText("fhs Simple Ping", "")

MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $var)

But the message Box only shows : "The read was: Ok"

therefore the text from the Button. Why? I will get the hole text! Can´t AutoIt3 read a text from a label? I hope you understand my problem. Please use easy englisch. i hope for answers. thank you.

regards sebsabul

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