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SciTE4AutoIt3 News

Updated SciTE4AutoIt3 installer including SciTE 4.4.6 (February 15, 2021).

See SciTE4AutoIt3 History and SciTE History for details.

About SciTE4AutoIt3

People on the Forum started looking at many editors to see which one was the most useful editor for AutoIt3. We found SciTE and saw its potential so I wrote a customized Lexer for the Syntax Highlighting and Syntax folding and created a special installer called SciTE4AutoIt3. The “Package” grew to what it is today with lots of integrated utilities written by me and the AutoIt3 community.

Quote Neil Hodgson:”SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs.”

SciTE4AutoIt3 contains SciTE, wrapped into a single installer with all needed configuration settings and lots of utility programs like AutoIt3Wrapper, SciTEConfig, Tidy, Au3Stripper etc to enhanced SciTE for use with AutoIt3.

Syntax Highlighting


AutoIt Editor Code Folding AutoIt Editor Code Folding



Check the helpfile for all details.


Jos would like to thank:

  • Jonathan Bennett for AutoIt.
  • Neil Hodgson for SciTE/Scintilla.
  • Melba23 for User Abbreviation, CallTip Managers and reformatting to this version of the helpfile!
  • Jason (Valik) Boggs, for supplying LUA functions and lots of ideas and feedback.
  • Michael (MHz) Heath for the and testing/input.
  • Michał Lipok (mLipok) for refreshing the and Helpfile Abbrev page
  • Giuseppe (gcriaco) Criaco and Gary (gafrost) Frost for CodeWizard.
  • Lookfar and LazyCat for the Koda formdesigner.
  • wraithdu for updating the Resource Update Functions allowing non-standard Resource updates in Autoit3Wrapper.
  • guinness/Ashalshaikh/Melba23 for SciTE Jump.
  • All other forum members supplying their ideas/contribution/input.

For details on the SciTE editor :