AutoIt Script Editor Downloads

Downloads for the AutoIt Script Editor and Related Tools

Current Versions

VersionDate updatedNotes
8/1/2014Installer containing SciTE and all configuration files plus utilities.Update History. Definition files included: AutoIt v3.3.12.0 and BETA v3.3.13.9

Win9x versions not maintained anymore:

VersionDate updatedNotes
SciTE.exe10/2008Latest SciTE version which supports Win9x.
SciLexer.dll10/2008Latest SciTE Lexer version which supports Win9x.

For those who want to run their own SciTE installation:

VersionDate updatedNotes
SciTE4AutoIt3.zip8/1/2014All files from the installer but now just as ZIP file.
SciLexer.dll7/1/2014Latest SciTE Lexer see history for updates.
SciTEconfig.zip10/19/2013Configure the Font and Color settings used by SciTE for AutoIt3.
au3.properties7/27/2014AutoIt v3 configuration for SciTE.
au3.keyword.properties6/1/2014AutoIt v3.3.12.0 keyword definitions for SciTE.
au3.api6/1/2014AutoIt v3.3.12.0 AutoComplete definitions for SciTE.
au3.keyword.properties7/25/2014*BETA* AutoIt v3.3.13.9 keyword definitions for SciTE.
au3.api7/25/2014*BETA* AutoIt v3.3.13.9 AutoComplete definitions for SciTE.

Included Utilities I’ve created for those running other editors:

VersionDate updatedNotes
Tidy your AutoIT3 source, see documentation.
Strip your AutoIT3 source, see documentation.
Wrapper for AU2EXE.exe, AutoIt3.exe and AU3Check.
Build (compile) your script with Options to change Compiler version, ICON, Passphrase or compression.
You can also update the Resource information of your target program, and all these settings can be done with #Compiler directives. See Directives.au3 for all possible settings. Check out all details

Beta Versions:

I regularly update Beta versions of Utilities or installer at this location. See history for changes made in these Beta versions.

You are welcome to try them but remember they are still Beta! Information about these Beta releases is normally posted somewhere in the Bugs forum or Developer Forum.