AutoIt Tools

AutoIt Tools


Welcome to the AutoIt Tools project.

AutoIt Tools are  a suite of tools intended to help out in the follow areas:

  • Build scripting and configuration
  • Login scripts
  • General IT administration

While AutoIt can be used to achieve these goals, many IT administrators are reluctant to install and learn a full scripting language when they only require a specific function. To this end AutoIt Tools will consist of small and self-contained executables that can be used for a specific purpose. All executables will also be digitally signed so that you can be sure that they have not been tampered with.

Send suggestions for new tools by using the contact us page.


Latest update: 27th May, 2009

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AutoIt Tools Suite. Includes all the individual tools listed below.

Download AutoIt Tools Suite

PagefileConfig1.0.0Allows scripting of the page file. It is possible to define pagefile sizes, set to system-managed or set to use no page file at all.
RemoteDelProf1.0.0Allows the remote deletion of a network roaming profile for a given user and workstation. This tool was written to replace the old Resource Kit utility “DelProf.exe” as that does not work on Windows Vista.

Other Tools

These tools are not included in the download above, they have their own pages and downloads as described below.

Logoff ScreensaverPerforms a logoff or shutdown from the screensaver after a custom delay. Can also use a passthru screensaver and be controlled via Group Policy.See the Logoff Screensaver page.
GImageXA GUI for the ImageX WIM tool.See the GImageX page.
VDI OptimizerA tool to generate a configuration script to optimize Windows for VDI environments.See the VDI Optimizer page.