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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#135 FileWrite, FileWriteLine extended to set write mode and pointer position Valik Feature Request None
#333 Directive for disabling /AutoItExecuteScript Jpm Feature Request None
#408 inetGet will not download from https with bad certificate Valik Bug Blocking
#414 Better OnAutoItStart/OnAutoItExit handling Jpm Feature Request None
#461 StringReplace to include right-to-left functionality Jpm Feature Request None
#582 Tab Item on a Tab Control, Tips not showing Jpm Feature Request None
#604 implement the transparency of all Ctrl Jpm Feature Request None
#615 License needs fixed Valik Bug Blocking
#699 Shutdown(5) Failing Jpm Bug None
#755 _FileReadToArray broken in Jpm Bug None
#757 Set defaults for MouseClick()'s x/y parameters Jpm Feature Request None
#763 GUICtrlCreateIcon returns a 0 handle but doesn't destroy the created control. Jpm Bug None
#764 WinWait/ProcessWait should return handle/PID Jpm Feature Request None
#769 FileFlush function Valik Feature Request None
#774 GUICtrlSetBkColor delayed mishap.(Labels turn White) Jpm Bug None
#779 Infinite Loop On Exit Jpm Bug None
#790 Badly named constant in WindowsConstants.au3 Jpm Bug None
#793 _WinNet_EnumResource Bug Gary Bug None
#802 ControlID fails with full X/Y/W/H definition Valik Bug None
#809 UDF _SoundPlay doesn't work with filenames as 1st parameter Jpm Bug None
#810 Local or Global declarations can ignore OnAutoItExit function Bug None
#813 AutoItX_64.dll and Window Handles on XP64 issue Jpm Bug None
#814 HttpSetProxy - proxy with credentials Valik Bug None
#815 Pass temporaries as ByRef paramters Jpm Feature Request None
#819 Fix EventLog.au3 Valik Bug None
#837 FileFindFirstFile/NextFile feature request Jpm Feature Request None
#839 Rewrite Shutdown() Jpm Feature Request None
#846 UDF _PathFull( ) return path not correct Valik Feature Request None
#854 InetGetSize Bug None
#863 DirMove() appends an extra dot in the name of the moved directory Jpm Bug None
#867 UDPRecv no longer gives the sender IP Jpm Bug None
#881 Au3Check Yacc stack overflow Jos Bug None
#884 Proxy mode 0 (use IE) and authentication Valik Feature Request Blocking
#885 Investigate why Default compares true to False Valik Bug None
#886 Make it explicit that operator == is a forced string comparison. Valik Bug None
#888 error with Send("{}}") under winXP Jpm Bug None
#897 StringToASCIIArray() does not work correctly with binary data. Valik Bug Blocking
#899 Change default "Open" verb for ShellExecute to allow support for all shortcuts. Valik Feature Request Blocking
#918 GUICtrlSetFont() and related Jpm Feature Request None
#919 Binary() is ignored in ConsoleWrite() Valik Bug Blocking
#924 _ArrayDelete removes last entry when element beyond Ubound is specified Jpm Bug None
#931 GuiCtrlSetResizing error with graphic controls Jpm Bug None
#932 Add additonal mouse event constants to WindowsConstants.au3 Jpm Feature Request None
#934 MouseGetCursor consumes left mouse clicks Jpm Bug None
#937 TrayItemSetState() and TrayItemGetState() Jpm Bug None
#941 Changes to macro auto completion tips Bug None
#949 Add custom User Agent for InetGet function Valik Feature Request None
#957 Assert keyword or function Jpm Feature Request None
#1196 _GDIPlus_BitmapUnlockBits - Memory is not released Bug None
#1302 InetGet - Multiple Feature Request None
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