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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#529 Identifying .NET controls using WM_GETCONTROLNAME Jon Feature Request None
#938 UDPOpen and/or UDPSend to doesn't work Jpm Feature Request None
#968 AutoUpdateIt needs updated due to Inet changes. Valik Feature Request None
#969 FileFindNextFile @extended = 0 for folder $Recycle.Bin Jpm Bug None
#983 InetGet* functions failing under XP SP2 Valik Bug None
#984 Addition to @OSVersion Valik Feature Request None
#1000 Error Message Gary Bug None
#1002 GUICtrlSetData: Edit: default: Improved documentation Valik Bug None
#1006 @MSEC should return time from 000 to 999 Valik Bug None
#1010 FileRead UTF-8 auto-detection prevents reading of further files Jpm Bug None
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