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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#1056 InetGet rundll32.exe error on Vista / Windows 7 on "Screen-saver" desktop Valik Bug Blocking
#1066 filewrite() not working in mode 16(BinaryMode). Valik Bug None
#1229 Integrate Tweaky's script into the build process. Valik Feature Request Blocking
#1234 Scripting.Dictionary call converting referenced AutoIt booleans to numbers Valik Bug Blocking
#1248 _GUICtrlEdit_AppendText fails on certain control IDs. Very odd... Valik Bug None
#1249 Beta documentation errors Bug None
#1258 TreeView + ContextMenu versus Own window Titlebar. Valik Bug Blocking
#1272 Uninstall, beta, file WinAPIError.au3 still standing. Valik Bug None
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