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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#3574 $ES_PASSWORD limits input length to control width, Add note about using $ES_AUTOHSCROLL to Help File Jpm Feature Request None
#3620 _ArraySort on 2D is not stable but the documentation says it is Melba23 Bug None
#3670 DrveGetDrive() help: a clarification Jpm Feature Request None
#3681 In the section "Variables" the prefix "o" is not described. Jpm Feature Request None
#3725 Regexp POSIX classes description misses some specifications Melba23 Bug None
#3758 _WinAPI_BrowseForFolderDlg docs mistake Melba23 Bug None
#3761 _WinAPI_SetWindowPos second parameter description Melba23 Bug None
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