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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Ticket
#3 GuiListView Hiding Behind BG Image Jpm Bug AutoIt Other minor
#36 MS SQL BigInt masked with 0xFFFFFF00 Valik Bug AutoIt major
#52 RegRead REG_MULTI_SZ AutoIt3_X64 Dr Watson Valik Bug AutoIt major
#66 BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON getting lost Valik Bug AutoIt major
#67 GUICtrlSetGraphic in help file Jpm Bug Documentation minor
#69 _GUICtrlListView_Create Gary Bug Standard UDFs trivial
#73 DirMove on different volume Valik Bug AutoIt minor
#75 _IEPropertyGet($oIE,"toolbar") Fails Valik Bug AutoIt minor
#76 Test Bug Jon Bug AutoIt minor
#83 _ChooseFont Gary Bug Documentation minor
#84 SciTE doing syntax checking in comments in certin instances Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt minor
#88 Help file (Round) Jpm Bug Documentation
#95 StringReplace doesn't recognize some number types as not strings Jpm Bug AutoIt
#101 _ScreenCapture_Capture: Cursor is not on the right position Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#102 ControlCommand(SelectString) - wrong selection order again Jpm Bug AutoIt
#104 Problem with _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack and WM_NOTIFY Gary Bug AutoIt
#117 TimeExecution Bug AutoIt
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