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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#1276 _TicksToTime() displayed seconds increment at wrong time Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1277 _GDIPlus_ImageGetGraphicsContext needs to be "disposed" in help example Jon Bug Documentation Blocking
#1288 DLLStructSetData behavior with binary variant data Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1294 WinGetTitle freezes script when reading the title of a suspended/hanged process Jon Bug AutoIt None
#1297 wrong $bPasswordHash in the example of _Crypt_HashData-documentation, crypt.au3? Valik Bug Documentation None
#1300 DllCall() unloads the loaded module Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1306 DriveGetSerial Docs can be misleading Valik Bug Documentation None
#975 GUICtrlCreateCheckbox() on tabs. Valik Bug AutoIt Blocking
#1278 _FTP_ProgressUpload() - german comment in example in helpfile Valik Bug Documentation None
#1280 wrong lines in au3.api Valik Bug Other None
#1283 aut2exe_x64 Ignores /pack Parameter When Compiling x86 Executable Valik Bug Aut2Exe None
#1285 Unexpected result when using BitShift Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1287 _Debug functions are changing Blockinput() Flag Valik Bug Standard UDFs None
#1290 _GUICtrlTreeView_DisplayRectEx with "$fTextOnly = True" returns same "Left" value as when "False" Valik Bug Standard UDFs Blocking
#1295 Crashed with fileread and filewrite on windows 7 X64 Jon Bug AutoIt None
#1296 _GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem fails with item text wider than TreeView Valik Bug Standard UDFs Blocking
#1299 AU3Check: #include with Single-Quote character, File not found. Valik Bug Au3Check None
#1304 _GDIPlus_BitmapLockBits() input parameters are incorrect Valik Bug Documentation None
#1270 GUISetIcon (@ScriptName) sets the 48x48 icon to the GUI Jon Feature Request AutoIt None
#1279 _FTP_FilePut() - DOC precission - for parametres Valik Feature Request Documentation Blocking
#1291 FileSetTime() Error descripton Jon Feature Request Documentation Blocking
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