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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#2869 GUICtrlSetTip displays wrong tip message in child GUI when tabs used in parent and child GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt None
#2892 GUICtrlSetData on dummy control - AutoIt bug or Document Incorrect? Jon Bug AutoIt None
#2899 WinGetHandle("LAST") : document unclear and @error bug Jon Bug AutoIt None
#2916 GUISetCoord() and GUICtrlCreatePic() Jon Bug AutoIt None
#2945 Center and right justified text broken on native buttons when colours set Jon Bug AutoIt None
#2997 Bug in PCRE Jon Bug AutoIt None
#3009 MouseGetCursor for HAND Jon Bug AutoIt None
#3068 Documentation fix: Switch guinness Bug Documentation None
#3069 Missing "AutoItConstants.au3" in "AutoIt Constants include files" help page Jpm Bug Documentation None
#3071 4th example in Random() can be removed guinness Bug Documentation None
#3072 AutoIt3Help.exe crash at begining of script Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt None
#3075 _WinAPI_WaitForSingleObject - TimeOut parameters description Jpm Feature Request Documentation None
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