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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Milestone
#2278 Varargs varargs, params reopened Feature Request
#2980 Can't call a function in a map with the point operator [BETA] Beta Version reopened Feature Request
#3165 Call() function called with an empty array results in APPCRASH Call, Ubound, Array reopened Bug
#2383 Allow Aut2exe GUI to accept dropped files compile aut2exe input field accept drop new Feature Request
#2477 FileInstall() to use the same Flag values as FileCopy to create destination directory FileInstall new Feature Request
#2653 ObjCreate with arguments com objcreate new Feature Request
#2912 Additional include paths: New command line switch for AutoIt3.exe Command-line switches, include paths new Feature Request
#3001 Added AutoIt3x_64.dll to Excel Add-in list loads it as initial spreadsheet. Excel Add-in new Jon Bug
#3164 problem with the function ToolTip COM Interface ActiveX vbscript new Jon Bug
#3179 Number failure with lower case hex Number Hexadecimal new Bug
#3202 FileOpenDialog in Windows PE mode FileOpenDialog PE new Feature Request
#3215 GUICtrlCreateUpdown looses GUICtrlSetResizing value on GUICtrlSetState change GUICtrlCreateUpdown GUICtrlSetResizing GUICtrlSetState new Bug
#3247 Gimagex_Feature_Request Gimagex.exe new Feature Request
#3515 Assigning directly a value to an element of an array in array array in array new Feature Request
#3525 Support for binding to multicast group join udp multicast group new Feature Request
#3540 Implement optional ByRef parameters for functions optional,functions,byref new Feature Request
#3635 Assign function: support for constants assign const new Feature Request
#3639 WinGetClassList's Return Value WinGetClassList new Feature Request
#3679 InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option InetGet InetRead Cache new Feature Request
#3694 WinGetSize function missing from AutoItX3_64 AutoItX3_x64, WinGetSize function new Jon Bug
#3702 Make Execute capable of processing declarations Execute variable declaration new Feature Request
#3763 Send() Optimisation send sendinput optimisation new Feature Request
#2972 Adding a sort of _IEAttributeGet function to IE.UDF GetAttribute IE.UDF assigned mLipok Feature Request
#3238 AutoIt doesn't compensate for DPI scaling DPI scaling assigned Jon Feature Request
#3533 Map Array Read/Write map, array assigned Jon Feature Request
#3563 Function _IEBodyReadText() from IE.au3 needs to check .innerText is a valid property _IEBodyReadText, .innerText assigned mLipok Bug
#3718 AU3_ControlSend of AutoItX3_x64.dll doesn't work properly AU3_ControlSend assigned Jon Bug
#3739 Scripting.dictionary Keys/Items array support for _ArrayDisplay _Arraydisplay scripting.dictionary assigned mLipok Feature Request
#3743 [LAST] and WinWaitClose, WinExists, WinGetHandle, etc last winwaitclose winexists wingethandle assigned Jon Bug
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