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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Ticket
#3924 Run-time error calling MyByRefFunc($map["foo"].bar) ==> Expected a variable in user function call assigned Jon Bug
#3929 Memory leak when returning struct members within With...EndWith assigned Jon Bug
#3941 ToolTip with $TIP_CENTER + $TIP_FORCEVISIBLE is mispositioned assigned Jon Bug
#3944 GUICtrlSetFont (and GUISetFont) sets font name inconsistently assigned Jon Bug
#3948 Map object: keys [0] and ["["] clash assigned Jon Bug
#3952 Asynchronous callbacks? new Bug
#3962 Not able to interrupt script with hotkey on latest version v3.3.16.1 assigned Jon Bug
#3968 global struct gets corrupted after GUISetState() reopened Bug
#3972 StringSplit can create invalid Arrays assigned Jpm Bug
#3973 GUICtrlSetColor does not work on GUICtrlCreateRadio assigned Jon Bug
#3976 StringRegExp can create invalid arrays (just like StringSplit) new Bug
#3984 GUICtrlSetGraphic stops working after Sleep new Bug
#3995 Maps abort with negative integers as keys assigned Jon Bug
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