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Resolution: Fixed (24 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#2806 GUICtrlCreateIcon an blank Icon Jpm Bug None
#2962 GUICtrlSetImage resizes Pic control with $SS_SUNKEN style Jos Bug None
#3099 IniRead typo Melba23 Bug None
#3112 Function _Excel_RangeFind not working BrewManNH Bug None
#3134 Missing GetSystemMetrics Constants in WindowsConstants.au3 Jpm Bug None
#3231 second in Date.au3 Melba23 Bug None
#3243 _WinAPI_MoveFileEx(...$sNewFile = "" for delete not 0 Jpm Bug None
#3262 _arraysearch row search on index fails Melba23 Bug None
#3264 _INetSmtpMail does always fail with error 50 Jpm Bug None
#3518 _GUICtrlStatusBar_SetParts() - cannot set parts from $aPartWidth Jpm Bug None
#3580 FileSetAttrib - Crash on ROOT folders. Jon Bug None
#3585 pb _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort not sorting level 1 treeview -- With Solution Jpm Bug None
#3605 the function _GUICtrlListView_SetBkImage() does not accept control ID Jpm Bug None
#3618 x86 or x64 for $tagNMTVKEYDOWN pb align Jpm Bug None
#3628 _WinAPI_GetCaretPos() does not work Jpm Bug None
#3636 Prevent Ampersand Mnemonic from SplashTextOn Dialog Jos Feature Request None
#3657 Incorrect behaviour while using _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort when no items are selected Melba23 Bug None
#3669 Error message "Struct" Jos Bug None
#3687 _ColorConvertRGBtoHSL does not use right bases Melba23 Bug None
#3689 GUICtrlSetOnEvent Bug Jos Bug None
#3707 GUISetOnEvent with empty func name does not disables the event Jos Bug None
#3708 Error in documentation for _WinAPI_LoadCursor Jpm Bug None
#3733 _FileListToArrayRec hangs when using a UNC path Jos Bug None
#3734 TraySetOnEvent Jos Bug None

Resolution: Completed (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#2269 Help file BrewManNH Bug None
#2296 SHA2 for Crypt.au3 BrewManNH Feature Request None
#3027 _WinAPI_RegEnumKeyEx Jpm Feature Request None
#3161 Constants for MemGetStats's returned array Jpm Feature Request None
#3210 None of the $iCharSets are declared in GuiRichEdit.au3 Jpm Feature Request None
#3513 Crash on _Timer_KillAllTimers x64 Jpm Bug None
#3741 ERROR IN GUISetStyle EXAMPLE Jpm Bug None
#3753 _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList does not check for errors Melba23 Bug None
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