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#2055 Fixed Convert UDF's to struct* type AdmiralAlkex AdmiralAlkex

Just a reminder for myself.

#2072 Fixed Tutorial RegExp - wrong word AdmiralAlkex Tweaky

At the Tutorial RegExp you must replace "([0-9]{1,3} damage)" with "([0-9]{1,3} pages)"

This is at example 5 in the text

#2077 Fixed _GuiRichEdit_Create Bad HWnd Check AdmiralAlkex wraithdu

In this function, the first line checks if the window handle passed matches the rich edit classname. It should not do this as the window handle passed to this function should never be a rich edit control, rather the parent window. It also has the dubious problem of calling this function with a blank classname on the first call to _Create (the variable is not yet initialized) so it SUCCEEDS. Only subsequent calls fail, return a handle of 0, and an undocumented error code of 1. To fix, revert this handle check to something sane, like IsHWnd() or WinExists(), and document the error code.

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