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#2096 Duplicate _FTP_ListToArrayEx $Return_Type = 1 or 2 no Array Content Albeck

If the Flag for the $Return_Type is set to 1 or 2 the array does not contain any items. Only $Return_Type 0 works and displays both files and folders.

See picture for example. In the example the FTP directory only contains folders but as $Return_Type is set to 1 the same List in the ArrayDisplay should appear, but it does not.

This bug also occures in _FTP_ListToArray2D but NOT in _FTP_ListToArray

#424 Duplicate _Dec64() Albuquerque

I had a bit of frustration when trying to convert an IPv4 address to the format used by Microsoft SCCM's database table. To get to the crux of the issue, I needed to convert a full QWORD to an integer number. The problem is that anything over 0x7FFFFFFF piped into the Dec() function results in a negative number -- seems that the Dec() function assumes input will always be a DWORD.

So, I wrote a stupidly simple converter for my own needs, but thought I'd send this up the food chain to see if it's something you good folks would be interested in...

Further, I'll note that I went cruising through all the include functions and couldn't find one similar to what I needed. If there really is one in there, I apologize profusely for being redundant -- but could you point me to it?

Here's my stupidly simple AutoIT code (that obviously has none of the correct error checking for ubiquiteous use as-is, but I digress...)

Func _Dec64($hexValue)
    $intValue = 0
    For $i = StringLen($hexValue) to 1 Step -1
        $intBase = Dec(StringMid($hexValue,$i,1))
        $intExponent = 16 ^ (StringLen($hexValue) - $i)
        $intFinal = $intBase * $intExponent

        $intValue = $intValue + $intFinal
    Return $intValue
EndFunc ;; _Dec64()
#3960 Completed Integer division Jpm Alecsis1

Hello! As well-known, division operation always returns double even if both operands are integer, e.g.

Local $v = 10/2              
ConsoleWrite(VarGetType($v)) ; we've got double instead of integer

Imho there may be useful to have special math operator for integer division, for example $i % $j or smth like that. Or else, special function like Div($i, $j) in addition to existing Mod($i, $j) In such case we would be sure to obtain integer result, e.g. 10/3=3 instead of 3.33333… Thank you for attention! PS Sorry for my weak English (

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