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#34 Works For Me Pixelchecksum returns wrong values Jon stevy80@…


I developed an application with visual c# under windows xp. This program uses autoitx3.dll. Everything worked fine until I upgraded the system. With the new cpu (64 bit) - still under xp - the pixelchecksum function (aprox. in the half of the cases) returns wrong values (-2147483648).

After this, I tried the program on two more machines with Intel P4 cpu, and the results was the same.

I tested the checksum at these machines with autoit main too, and that worked perfectly. So I think the problem is in autoitx.

#35 Completed ProcessClose() as an admin doesn't close other user's process Valik anonymous

The ProcessClose() function doesn't terminate other user's processes when run from an Administrator account. It should be fixed so that it does.

#36 Fixed MS SQL BigInt masked with 0xFFFFFF00 Valik jpoulsen2

When storing an integet value as a bigint, decimal or numeric in MS SQL db using ADODB, the value is stored correctly in the db (verified with DatAdmin 0.8.8). But when the value is returned it seems to be masked with 0xFFFFFF00 resulting in the last byte always being 0. This problem does not occur with the types float and int.

Sample code: see attached file

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