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#205 No Bug [Vista64] PixelGetColor returns color of desktop picture instead of directX window hactar

When trying to determine the color of a pixel via PixelGetColor in a directX window (eve online to be precise). When one tries to do so in Vista64 (sp1) with aero turned on it always returns 0 when the directX window is active. If one turns off aero then PixelGetColor returns whatever is under that directX window (eg the window below or if nothing is below the desktop background) instead of the directX windows color at that pixel. When running the exact same script with windows xp sp2 the problem does not occur, the correct color is returned.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Download eve online from (free download, download the non premium version for a faster download), install it and launch it. 2) Run the following autoit code:

Sleep(3000); $mypix = ""; for $i = 100 to 120 Step 1

For $j = 118 to 145 Step 1

$mypix = $mypix & $i & "," & $j & ":" & hex(PixelGetColor($i,$j),6) & " ";


Next MsgBox(0,"color",$mypix);

This will return the colors of a small area. With aero turned on pixelgetcolor will return 0. With aero turned off the color returned will be what ever the color below the eve window is (set your background to white for example to easily see that the color returned is wrong).

#206 No Bug Sleep Documentation Incorrect maroesjk

The documentation of the function Sleep( delay ) is incorrect. It states that the return value is "none", but actually it is "1". This may be important for usage in scripts.

#207 No Bug Auto Propercase in Comments Jos JamesB

When Auto Propercase is turned on, function names in comments are still propercased. This is weird as comments don't do anything. I can understand if you had propercased the functions before, then commented the line. But when typing in a comment with Auto Propercase functions are propercased.


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