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#2883 Fixed #include - issue with </strong> tag in syntax section mLipok

in syntax there is:

#include</strong> "[path\]filename"
#include</strong> <filename>

I mean there is issue with </strong> tag.

#1989 Works For Me #include fails badly if the included file has BOM anonymous

I had occasion to do something like this:

...get system data ... _report() HotKeySet("{F1}", "_report") OnAutoItExitRegister("_report")

#include "variables.au3"

Msgbox(0,"test","test") ... stuff ...

Func _report()

BlockInput(0) Msgbox(0,"","... stuff to tell the user ...")


othercode.au3 was simply some variable assignments, nothing more, but some of those variables were non-English strings and therefore included unicode characters.

The _exit hooks repeatedly threw up an error. I eventually tracked it down to this issue:

The included file being Unicode was no problem. But it had been created in a text editor that saved unicode text with a BOM (byte order mark) and that threw AutoIt badly. It couldn't recognise the included file as code nor anything after it.

Resave the identical #included file as unicode without a BOM and it immediately worked.

In this day of unicode, AutoIt probably needs to be fixed so that it copes with .au3 files, including #included .au3 files, that have BOM, as this is quite common. Worst of all it doesn't give the user any idea what's up and the cause is subtle (many users may not even be aware of it).

#2400 Completed #pragma - inputboxres - description guinness mlipok

Please extend the documentation for a description of the #pragma directive.

Specifically: inputboxres

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