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#4 Wont Fix viewing post selection Jon Katrijn


Search for Josbe so that when you pull him up in the member list he is the only one on the page. When you click the down arrow to view the menu the "Find Members Post" is hidden behind the Skin Selector box.

This only happens when you have only one on the Memebers Lists page. I use IE. It doesn't do this in Firefox.


#5 Rejected AVector[] out of bounds - AU3check should pick up on my error Jpm anonymous

$color = If _ChooseColor( 2 ) <> -1 then $color

Notice the code is incorrect I don't say $color = value but Au3 check should pick up on that and list it as an error.

That code throws an AutoIt error AVector[] out of bounds

Just a minor detail good luck! Tested in:

#6 Rejected StringInStr not reporting error Jpm Volly

WHen using string in string, I made a mistake in the code. I did this:

$stendSSB = StringInStr($read,'td width="100%"',18)

With 18 in the casesence slot, I should have gotten a error saying the command was badly formatted. I got no error at all. I should have coded the line like thia:

$stendSSB = StringInStr($read,'td width="100%"',0,18)

Version of AudoIt being used:

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