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#3844 Fixed Right bracket does not register as a hotkey Jon gemtoc

HotKeySet("{}}","CaptureKey") ; bug right brace does not register as a hotkey, autoit help manual says this is correct syntax.

While 1



Func CaptureKey()

MsgBox(0,0,@HotKeyPressed) ; bug @HotKeyPressed is assigned 3 characters AutoIt help manual says to enclose these in brackets !#+{} making 3 characters, but @HotKeyPressed should be 1 characters because the above characters are enclosed in right and left brackets


#3843 Fixed SciTE tool "Jump to Function Prod" unable to find function definition while execution is fine anonymous

In the case where local files are included with "<>", SciTE tool "Jump to Function Prod" unable to find function definition while execution is fine

Steps to reproduce:

Create 3 files.


#include <b\a.au3>


#include <b.au3>



Func bfunc()
	ConsoleWrite("bfunc" & @CRLF)

From test.au3, try "Jump to Function Prod" on "bfunc".

The console will display "Unable to find function definition: bfunc"

From my analysis, AutoItGotoDefinition:GetIncludes is made under the assumption that local files are always included with quotes. However, this style is not enforced by the runner.

Should this be considered as a bug?

As a workaround, I patched the file AutoIt3\SciTE\lua\AutoItGotoDefinition.lua like this

--- a\AutoIt3\SciTE\lua\AutoItGotoDefinition.lua
+++ b\AutoIt3\SciTE\lua\AutoItGotoDefinition.lua
@@ -164,6 +164,10 @@
 	for line in io.lines(file) do
 		-- Force lower case
 		local include = line:match(pattern_library)
+		if include and cpath ~= "" and self:FileExists(cpath .. include) then
+			include = cpath .. include
+			self:DebugPrint("Include3 updated: " .. cpath .. include)
+		end
 		if include and not files[include] then
 			self:DebugPrint("Include1: " .. include)
 			files[include] = { IsLibrary=true, Processed=false }
#3842 Fixed _ArrayToString() documented defaults confusing and arguably wrong Jpm SteveJM

Purely in the hope of helping those who come after me: In the documentation for _ArrayToString(), including the latest looked up online, the defaults for $iStart_Row and $iStart_Col are shown as -1.

I found this confusing as the effective defaults are both 0.

I find I must be a little careful with the base of various arrays in Autoit; depending on context it can be 0 or 1. I therefore did not feel I could use _ArrayToString() without experiment and then a look at the source.

In the source I see that the keyword Default is converted to -1, but then the -1 is converted to 0 without any other use that I can see (maybe it was a hook for some other test never implemented, or deleted)

_ArrayToString() is a useful function and I am grateful to have it and the great documentation is one of the many delightful features of Autoit, so I thought I should make the effort.

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