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#3883 Fixed _DebugArrayDisplay produces uncalled console message Jon jchd18

This function invokes ArrayDisplay_Share (from ArrayDisplayInternals.au3) which defaults with its parameter $bDebug = True.

This causes a spurious console message like this: Sorting all indexes = 0.4333

#3881 No Bug Missing Extras\WM_NOTIFY.au3 file Kloud

I found that the example in the helpfile for _GUICtrlListView_Create() uses the Extras\WM_NOTIFY.au3 file which does not exist. Now I was encouraged to create a ticket as all examples in the helpfile should work out of the box

#3879 Fixed Dim doesn't change the type of Map to Array Jon jchd18

Given a variable $v and for all AutoIt datatypes except Map, using Dim to change $v into an Array works fine.

Local $m[]		; a Map
Local $a[5]		; an Array

Local $types = [ _
	$m, _
	$a, _
	8, _
	8888888888888888, _
	"xyz", _
	Binary(12), _
	Ptr(555), _
	DllStructCreate("long"), _
	MsgBox, _
	_myFct, _
	ObjCreate("shell.application"), _
	Null, _
	True _

Func _myFct()

For $v In $types
	ConsoleWrite("$v declared as " & VarGetType($v) & @LF)
	Dim $v[3]
	ConsoleWrite("$v turned to a " & VarGetType($v) & @LF & @LF)

Dim is important when you get a ByRef variable of unknown type passed to a function, which you need to (re)turn into an Array loaded with data. It's even the only use case of Dim in AutoIt.

For a real-world use case where this can cause a serious bug, see

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