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#296 No Bug Random(1, 1, 1) theimer@…

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#300 No Bug to jon, "using CLASS and TEXT together..." anonymous

1. I said it by au3info. This is what I mean. and, It's working well up to

2."e.g. Click the 2nd instance of a "Button" control containing the text "Finish" ControlClick("My Window", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Finish; INSTANCE:2]")" wrote by you.

and you said, "You want the FIRST instance of a "Button" class containing the text "&Move". OR the 10th instance of a "Button" class."

so, SECOND instance of a "Button" class containing the text "Finish"? it's your intention? it's nonsense. you think there is two button that have the same text "Finish"? if it is, how can I know it's instance number? au3info only show instance of a button class. au3 is not your private program that only you use, you open it, then I think program must follow common sense. for example, pic in 1. If not, you must notify it in history log with reasonalble explanation about it.

3.sorry for my bad english.

#301 No Bug to, Valik anonymous

please don't steal my message to jon. I want to talk to jon, not child like you.

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