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#1425 No Bug $PBS_MARQUEE not in documentation SwooshyCueb

The $PBS_MARQUEE GUI style for progress bars is not included in the documentation.

#1426 Rejected $PBS_MARQUEE speed selection SwooshyCueb

It would be nice if the progress bar function included an option to set the speed of the marquee when using $PBS_MARQUEE. Currently the only speed moves extremely fast and does not update the GUI consistently.

#3727 Fixed $VERSION not increased in compiled script with #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper=y Jos Van0

With this two lines $VERSION variable automatically updated with current file version. However when Au3Stripper is activated, the $VERSION in compiled script is not updated.



Global Const $VERSION = ""

MsgBox(0, "Version", $VERSION)

After compilation the .exe file itself will have version, but when executed it will show in the message box.

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