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#302 No Bug to, Valik 2 anonymous

"This issue tracker is no a personal messaging system. Stop wasting our time."

bug making time? not bug fixing time? :)

#304 No Bug subtract of @MIN results in negative value b_clephas@…

Whenever I subtract a number of @MIN (or the other date/time macros), I get negative values. The values should wrap around. According to the documentation, the values are in the range 00->59 for @MIN.

MsgBox(0, "", (@MIN - 10)) ; test if time just past the whole hour
MsgBox(0, "", (@WDAY - 10)) ; test whenever you like
#306 No Bug Wrong Error message when a variable is not an array GEOSoft

This used to return a message about the variable not being an array. Now it returns the "Unable to parse" message

$t = "some string"
MsgBox(0, "Test", $t[0])
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