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#61 Rejected Hashes doug@…

Any chance that hashes (as in PERL) might be implemented? If not as part of the base code could they be supported as a user defined function? (I would be willing to build/maintain this if anyone is interested)

#62 Wont Fix Pressing F1 from within Scite editor Runs the script & runs multiple instances as well anonymous

F1 brings up the help screen , and runs the underlying code.

This behavior has been around for a while now. I'm running

Win Xp SP2 Autoit v3.2.10.0

#63 Rejected Overlay UAC icon on scripts with #RequireAdmin Valik

It would be cool if Aut2Exe would automatically overlay the Windows Vista UAC icon thingy over a script's assigned icon so that (compiled) scripts with #RequireAdmin would indicate to the user, in the Vista-way, that it needs administrator rights.

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