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#193 Fixed guictrldelete on context menu already deleted causes win32 exception Jpm MeJonah@…

Attempting to use guictrldelete on a control created by guictrlcreatecontextmenu() which had already been deleted (yes, I know, if I were tracking better that should never happen) causes an "unhandled win32 exception" and a crash. The behavior is repeatable in, but does not occur in 3.2.10.

Example code:

#include <guitreeview.au3>

$gui = guicreate("TEST", 500, 500)
$treeview = guictrlcreatetreeview(0, 0, 500, 500)

$control = guictrlcreatetreeviewitem("TEST", $treeview)

$context = guictrlcreatecontextmenu($control)
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Random", $context)
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Word", $context)
;seems to
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Another", $context)
;hate similar lines
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("One", $context)

;blank line to try to defeat filter


while 1=1
#194 Fixed Minor SciTeConfig error KentonBomb@…

Not anything major.

If you go to SciTe Config from the Tools menu in SciTe, and you press "Check for Updates", if there is no updates available, the Messagebox says "No Updates available" with "Yes" and "No" buttons.

It's clear what is supposed to be across, but to new users, it could be a bit confusing to says "Yes" or "No" to something that isn't a question :)

#195 Fixed GUICtrlSetDefColor() causing a problem Jpm anonymous

You don't need any test code for this one. Just create a GUI with a few lable on it and include the line GUICtrlSetDefColor(0xFF0000). Run the script and it's going to work fine. Compile it and try again. Oooooooooops!!! I just spent about 4 hours trying to find the problem. AutoIt3.exe handles it fine. The compilers don't recognize the function. Tried both unicode and ansi. To make matters worse when the error window pops up it just says Unknown function without saying which function. I checked through the bugs on the tracker and found nothing refering to it.

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