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#812 Rejected Addtion of structure like in C winux38@…

I read that you are not ready to add OOP concept in autoit and I agree with this but it is painful to define structured data array. I am using a lot a structured array and the only way to get them is to define an enum with all the fields offset in the array and to define an array. This needs definition of a lot of constants which needs to be exported everywhere. It would be better to define a struct and access directly members.

declaration: Defstruct mystruct_t [ _

field1, _ field2, _ field3 ]

instaciation: Struct mystruct_t mystruct = [initfield1, initfield2 , initfield3]

access: mystruct.field1 = data

I agree it is very C like but so easy to use.

#3629 Works For Me Line Number in Arraydisplay wimhek11@…

Please add a Line number by default in the Head of the display (_arraydisplay)

Is this possible ?

#3721 Rejected Extra option for collapsing a region or function Jos wimhek11@…

Is it possible to have a directive to have a region or function folded by default while opening in the scite editor ?

thank you


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