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#332 Completed Helpfile addition Gary anonymous

You may like to put in the helpfile under the _GUICtrlStatusBar_Create Remarks area, that if you intend using GUICtrlCreateMenu as well, it needs to precede the _GUICtrlStatusBar_Create item or the statusbar won't be shown.

#347 Rejected Add _WinAPI_SetFilePointer Gary anonymous

_WinAPI file-handling functions are very useful, but would be enhanced by including the SetFilePointer function. This would complete the functionality required to support random-access binary data files.

#361 Fixed _GUICtrlListView_InsertItem() - bad order of parametres Gary Zedna


  • in yellow section order of parametres is right
  • in Parametres table section is bad order of parametres

$iIndex & $sText are put in bad order.

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