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#1677 Fixed ContinueLoop multiple level unpredictable behavior Jpm Ascend4nt

Hi, I've recently had a WEIRD issue pop up in my code - I kept getting a "Variable used without being declared" error. It turns out the issue has to do with ContinueLoop on multiple levels (ContinueLoop #).

Since I removed the inner loop and forgot to remove the '2' from ContinueLoop, it was jumping to another loop. However, here's the funky thing - the OTHER loop was in another function! (in this case, the calling function).

I've successfully reproduced the issue here:

Func TestContinueLoopIssue($iValue)
	While 1
		If $iValue Then
			ContinueLoop 2

Func OuterFunc()
	Local $iVal=5
	While 1
		ConsoleWrite("OuterFunc $iVal="&$iVal&@CRLF)
		If $iVal>1000 Then ExitLoop


Output: OuterFunc $iVal=6 C:\testscript.au3 (12) : ==> Variable used without being declared.: $iVal+=1 ERROR ->05:51:17 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:1

As you can see, it seems to 'continue' the loop in the calling function - but since the variable is local to that function, it will not recognize them, thus the crash.

#1771 Wont Fix Run*() failure for Elevated Processes with UAC Ascend4nt

With Windows Vista+, when UAC is turned on, 'CreateProcess' will fail to run processes that require the user to interact with a UAC box.

For example, Run('regedit.exe') will fail, but ShellExecute('regedit.exe') will succeed.

The reason for this is explained @ MSDN here:

It doesn't look like there is any easy workaround other than to use ShellExecute()? If that is so, perhaps this can be added to the AutoIt Help file? It would have saved me some time =)


#2361 Fixed RegRead doesn't read REG_QWORD values Jon Ascend4nt@…

This is an inconsistency in how AutoIt works with Registry data. RegWrite works fine for REG_QWORD, but RegRead won't read the same data back. Its surprising that it wasn't added when REG_QWORD write support was added. Nonetheless, its a problem that needs a solution

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