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#314 No Bug FileCreateShortcut cannot create for non-existing Universal Naming Path Jon anonymous
FileCreateShortcut ( "\\NonExisting\Install","Install.lnk","","","Install","","","","")

hangs, or creates a disfunctional result

NonExisting\Install" does not exist or cannot be reached at the instant of shortcut creation

#315 No Bug GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form furroy@…

If the button isn't created & linked before other controls are, it won't call the event handler.

If you rearrange the order the controls are created, it will work if the button is at the top, but not at the bottom.

#317 No Bug ShellExecute/ShellExecuteRun verb-keyword "run" missing in helpfile. Hubertus72

When running this script in SciTE (F5), it works OK. When omiting the "run" keyword in the ShellExecute statement, the "second instance" message will not occour, but the SciTE window overlays the first message. This means, that the script was again edited by the ShellExecute. It should be mentioned in the help file, that the "run" verb can be used to force the execution of a script.

#include "Misc.au3"
If _Singleton(@ScriptName, 1) = 0 Then Exit MsgBox(0, "","Second instance")
ShellExecute(@ScriptFullPath, "", "", "run")
MsgBox(0, "First instance", "First instance")
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