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#67 Fixed GUICtrlSetGraphic in help file Jpm anonymous

GUICtrlSetGraphic example in the help file shows a misspelled word :

GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0) ; to display a balck border line

#68 Fixed GUIWrapper not saving option Emiel Wieldraaijer

When selecting a RequestExecutionLevel Scite output windows says

+>12:08:22 Starting AutoIt3Wrapper GUI v.1.9.5 -> 1 Change(s) made.

but it's not changed/saved in the script..

#69 Fixed _GUICtrlListView_Create Gary alexmadman

Whenever you try to move an item in a listview created with the UDF func the entire GUI freazes until the window looses focus. If you need an example try the example script for _GUICtrlListView_Create().... run it and try to drag any item. Ps: i tried to search the forums :D so if there already is mention about this sry :D

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