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#1771 Wont Fix Run*() failure for Elevated Processes with UAC Ascend4nt

With Windows Vista+, when UAC is turned on, 'CreateProcess' will fail to run processes that require the user to interact with a UAC box.

For example, Run('regedit.exe') will fail, but ShellExecute('regedit.exe') will succeed.

The reason for this is explained @ MSDN here:

It doesn't look like there is any easy workaround other than to use ShellExecute()? If that is so, perhaps this can be added to the AutoIt Help file? It would have saved me some time =)


#2361 Fixed RegRead doesn't read REG_QWORD values Jon Ascend4nt@…

This is an inconsistency in how AutoIt works with Registry data. RegWrite works fine for REG_QWORD, but RegRead won't read the same data back. Its surprising that it wasn't added when REG_QWORD write support was added. Nonetheless, its a problem that needs a solution

#2362 Fixed ControlGetText, WinGetTitle sometimes reads ANSI as Wide Jon Ascend4nt@…

Sometimes ControlGetText or WinGetTitle will return characters that display as a mess of '?'s (in Console output). This is because of an issue with SendMessage with WM_GETTEXT. Windows will sometimes return ANSI strings, and return the # of bytes rather than characters. AutoIt internally assumes this is Unicode and treats it as such - so it displays incorrectly.

To overcome this problem, zero out a buffer, fill it with WM_GETTEXT, then do a simple wcslen() on the return to compare it to the length that WM_GETTEXT returns. It should be roughly half the size if it is an ANSI string (you need to take into account odd # returns here).

I wrote script code that works around this problem, see:

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