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#127 No Bug GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Beejai <bjoern@…>


when you create a Datepicker with GUICtrlCreateDate and make it "$DTS_TIMEFORMAT" to be a timepicker, the control looks fine. GUICtrlRead works fine on it and gets the time string. But GUICtrlSetData does not work as expected. When I try to fill the field with that function with a timestring, the result is wrong. Only when I add a Date to the Timestring, it displays the correct time:

GUICtrlSetData(Eval ( "Time1"),"2000/01/01 " & $PEA_time[1])

This is unexpected, because GUICtrlRead returns only the time.

#129 Fixed "Bugs" on the main Trac page (Jon's links do not work) Saunders <admin@…>

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place... The links to custom queries that Jon put on the front page of the Trac are not working (lead to no results pages). On a quick check it appears that the type parameter in the URLs are case sensitive so where he has: It needs to be:

Same for the Feature Request links.

#131 Duplicate UDP socket and IP fabrizio2210

I ask for know the source IP of a UDP packet received with UDPRecv(). Maybe a flag in UDPRecv() for return an array with: $array[0]='Message'; $array[1]=IP source; $array[2]=Port source. Thank in advance.

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