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#71 Rejected Au3Info supporting Internet Explorer ComponentFromPoint junkew@…

Would be very nice if AutoIt can do more with Internet Explorer. For a starter it will help that AU3Info easily recognizes the items from internet explorer by using componentfrompoint


If I could spy on IE controls this way it will save me a lot of time to identify the properties on the control I want to interact with.

#72 No Bug MFC ActiveX Control doesn't work w/ AutoIt livewire

MFC ActiveX controls' properies and methods cannot be accessed/invoked via AutoIt. These same controls can be accessed/invoked via VB6 and the ActiveX Control Test Container that comes with Visual Studio 6.

I would expect that if I create an MFC ActiveX Control, I would be able to access/invoke the properties and methods.

You can reproduce the bug by following my instructions on the link below.

OS: Windows XP SP2

Here is a link to my topic on the support forum which contains a sample MFC ActiveX Control:

Thanks, Livewire

#73 Fixed DirMove on different volume Valik hawkear@…

When the destination already exists and the overwrite flag is specified then the source directory will NOT be moved inside the destination, if the target is on a different volume.


DirMove("C:\Source\Subdir", "C:\Target",1)

Result: c:\Target\Subdir\testfile.txt


DirMove("C:\Source\Subdir", "D:\Target",1)

Result: d:\Target\testfile.txt Should be D:\Target\Subdir\testfile.txt

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