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#132 Rejected Nothing and NULL PThornett@…

It doesn't seem possible to disconnect an ADO recordset, because the required syntax is missing! What is required is an equivalent to the vbs statement

Set rs.ActiveConnection = Nothing

(there are many more situations where the ability to set something in COM to Nothing would be very useful).

While I'm at it, there's no keyword NULL in AutoIt. Again, there are some situations where this could be usefull (and I don't thing Chr(0) is the same thing in all cases).

#133 No Bug Wrong information in the Help File Roofel

The wrong information is in the "_GUICtrlListBox_DeleteString"

Parameters shows the wrong info:)

"$sFile | Name of the file to add" Shouldnt be there anymore, maybe before but not anymore.

The new Parameter is "$iIndex"

#136 Rejected FolderSelect Control in GUI i542

Well, as far as I go, I've been lacking an FolderSelect control. This would be such control like in FileSelectFolder and on GuiCtrlRead it would return a path to current folder. Comments welcome.

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