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#1680 No Bug Global variable gives "Variable used without being declared" in SQLite.au3 willichan

I have been trying to figure this one out for a while. I get a "Variable used without being declared" error intermittently when using the SQLite.au3 include file. The error indicates line 1143 and the variable $g_hDll_SQLite. I have checked the file, and both variables referenced ($g_hDll_SQLite and $SQLITE_MISUSE) are declared globally at the top of the file.

#3016 No Bug FileSetPos() not used in FileSetPos() example willichan

The example for FileSetPos() does not contain any use of FileSetPos(). It appears to be a copy of the FileGetPos() example.

I do not have a good recommendation for the example as of yet, but wanted to put this out there, in case someone else had one.

#3128 Fixed Pragma Compile Directive inputboxres description change Melba23 willichan

The description for the inputboxres pragma compile directive is confusing in the way it is worded. It implies that setting inputboxres to true would omit the resources from compile.

Current wording:

Omits the InputBox() resources from being included with the compiled executable.

Suggested wording:

Includes the InputBox() resources with the compiled executable.

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