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#2038 No Bug For Windows 7 Java UDF is not working properly AshishJ

Please note that, I am trying to use Java UDF for Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32 bit

It seems that most of the functions are not working properly.

I have some scripts written which are working very fine under Windows-XP.

Now I have migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7, It Seems that the Scripts are not working as expected like Windows XP.

#3570 Duplicate Array index statements are called twice when used in a assignment AspirinJunkie

When values assigned to an array element, the index statement seems to be evaluated twice. If only the array value is used in another statement this behavior does not seem to be occurring.


Global $aArr[12]

$aArr[MsgBox(0, "", "appear twice")] = "Test"

$x = $aArr[MsgBox(0, "", "appear once")]

AutoIt v. and below haven't got this problem. With (x86 and x64) and greater i can reproduce this behaviour. Versions between and were not tested.

#3794 Fixed StringRegExp - string passed by value instead by reference? Jon AspirinJunkie


; create a very large string (should be about 400 MB because UTF-16 is used)
Global $sString = ""
For $i = 1 To 20 * 1024 * 1024
    $sString &= "xxxxxxxxxx"

; precompile pattern
StringRegExp("", "^.")

; determine time required for a small input string:
$iT = TimerInit()
StringRegExp("Test", "^.")
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("RegEx with small input string: % 8.3f ms\n", TimerDiff($iT)))

; determine time required for a large input string:
$iT = TimerInit()
StringRegExp($sString, "^.")
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("RegEx with large input string: % 6.1f   ms\n", TimerDiff($iT)))


RegEx with small input string:    0.012 ms
RegEx with large input string:  328.1   ms

The execution time depends directly on the size of the input string although only the first character of the string is processed. If instead of StringRegExp a StringLeft or a StringMid is used then the execution times are independent of this.

This leads to the assumption that in the implementation of StringRegExp() at some point the input string is passed as "by value". This would require the creation of a local copy of the string and would explain the loss of time.

If it is really a "by value" problem, i suggest to switch completely to "by reference" internally if possible. This would mean a massive performance gain for StringRegExp especially with large strings.

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