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#3676 Rejected $tagResource Help lacks some DisplayTypes Jpm anonymous
#2964 Fixed $tagWNDCLASS Melba23 Cythor

Hello! :)

The $tagWNDCLASS struct in the WinAPISys.au3 is wrong.

$tagWNDCLASS = 'uint Size;uint Style;ptr hWndProc;int ClsExtra;int WndExtra;ptr hInstance;ptr hIcon;ptr hCursor;ptr hBackground;ptr MenuName;ptr ClassName;ptr hIconSm'

Look here:

The Size and hIconSm elements are not given.

#2767 No Bug 'Attempt to access invalid address' in some cases when using #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_requestedExecutionLevel=RequireAdministrator Jos anonymous


Under some circumstances you get the error message 'Attempt to access invalid address' when running the compiled .exe.

Sample code


To reproduce

  • Tested with Windows 7 PRO SP1
  • enable UAC (requires reboot if not enabled)
  • Map a network share to a driveletter
  • run the compiled .exe from that network drive
  • you get the error message

If UAC is not enabled you will not get the error. If you run the .exe local or from unc path with UAC enabled you also will not get the error

I think that's al you need, if you need anything else please let me know.

Kind regards


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