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#143 Rejected PHP-Like #Include KentonBomb

I've seen this posted in the Support forums many times. The request is that #Include behaves more like it's PHP Counterpart.

For example:

If $cmdline[0] Then
     If $cmdline[1] = "blah1"
          #Include "FileOne.au3";
          #Include "FileTwo.au3";

As in, files aren't all automatically included. If they are called in a conditional loop, there can be a choice to Include a certain file. That is just one example where this could be useful. It could also be useful for including files based on different languages, et cetera.

#146 No Bug Boolean numeric conversion pdaughe
If you use arithmetics together with Boolean values (which is not advisable!), the following rules apply:

A Boolean true will be converted into the numeric value 1
A Boolean false will be converted into the numeric value 0

$Boolean1 = true
$Number1 = 100
$Number2 = $Boolean1 + $Number1

This will result in $Number2 to be the numeric value 101

$Var = True
If $var = 7 Then
	MsgBox(4096,"", "Value is positive.")

P.S. Did I submit this ticket correctly? I never used the Trac system before...I searched for existing problems and found a topic on Booleans back in 2005, but didn't see a specific example of this. My apologies if I submit this ticket incorrectly.

#147 Rejected Restore "Passphrase" Option in Aut2exe anonymous

Documentation seems to indicate that there was once a "Passphrase" option in Aut2exe to prevent decompiling executables. However in version the option is missing. Running Aut2exe with the "/?" switch also does not mention the "/nodecompile" option.

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