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#495 Fixed _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree returns only 1 parent Gary anonymous

_GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree sould return the whole treeview-structure for an item, but it returns just the first parent: PARENT|ITEM This happen, because the line

Until $hItem <> 0x00000000

should be

Until $hItem = 0x00000000

The corrected function:

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree
; Description ...: Retrieve all items text
; Syntax.........: _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree($hWnd, $hItem)
; Parameters ....: $hWnd  - Handle to the control
;                  $hItem - item ID/handle
; Return values .: Success      - Tree Path of Item
;                  Failure      - Empty string
; Author ........: Gary Frost (gafrost), Holger Kotsch
; Modified.......: Gary Frost (gafrost)
; Remarks .......: Use Opt("GUIDataSeparatorChar", param) to change the separator char used
;                  If $hItem is 0 then an attempt to use current selected is used
; Related .......:
; Link ..........;
; Example .......; Yes
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree($hWnd, $hItem = 0)
    If $Debug_TV Then _GUICtrlTreeView_ValidateClassName($hWnd)
    If $hItem = 0 Then
        $hItem = 0x00000000
        If Not IsHWnd($hItem) Then $hItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetItemHandle($hWnd, $hItem)
    If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then $hWnd = GUICtrlGetHandle($hWnd)
    Local $szPath = "", $hParent, $sSeparator = Opt("GUIDataSeparatorChar")

    If $hItem = 0x00000000 Then $hItem = _SendMessage($hWnd, $TVM_GETNEXTITEM, $TVGN_CARET, 0, 0, "wparam", "hwnd", "hwnd")
    If $hItem <> 0x00000000 Then
        $szPath = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($hWnd, $hItem)
        Do; Get now the parent item handle if there is one
            $hParent = _SendMessage($hWnd, $TVM_GETNEXTITEM, $TVGN_PARENT, $hItem, 0, "wparam", "hwnd", "hwnd")
            If $hParent <> 0x00000000 Then $szPath = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($hWnd, $hParent) & $sSeparator & $szPath
            $hItem = $hParent
        Until $hItem = 0x00000000
    Return $szPath
EndFunc   ;==>_GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree
#498 Rejected Make AutoIt release with UDF fixes Gary Zedna

There are some serious UDF bugs which could be fixed also in release.

Here is one ecample:

This can be easily done without touching main 3.2.12 AutoIt core.

Maybe consider also adding some new UDF functions added in 3.2.13 branche - see 3.2.13.x changelog for details.

Or if you will not want to do this then we could make some "patch" for this purpose.

#500 Fixed _ChooseColor 64bit problems Gary Achilles

I just got a 64bit version of Vista and encountered several problems.

_ChooseColor does not work.

The function return a value as if the user canceled selection even though no sign of the dialog box appears.

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