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#3819 Fixed _FileCountLines help file precision to add Jpm Nine

_FileCountLines should say in help file that it allows File handle AND Path and filename. It seems that the code was changed "recently" to use FileReadToArray.

#3817 Fixed Double to Int64 type conversion - wrong results Jon AspirinJunkie

Following script:

$fN = 562949953421312.0
$iN = Int($fN, 2)
$iN2 = Number($iN, 2)

ConsoleWrite("$fN :" & $fN & " (" & VarGetType($fN) & ")" & @CRLF & _
	"$iN :" & $iN & " (" & VarGetType($iN) & ")" & @CRLF & _
	"$iN2:" & $iN2 & " (" & VarGetType($iN2) & ")" & @CRLF)


$fN :562949953421312 (Double) $iN :562949953421313 (Int64) $iN2:562949953421313 (Int64)

This applies to all integer numbers >= 249 stored as double.

The numbers themselves can be mapped completely and without rounding errors in IEEE 754 double precision.

The naive approach to implementing an Int() function would be a C-type cast ((long long) fValue)) or a C++-typecast (static_cast<long long>(fValue)). However, these do not exhibit the problem:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    double f = 562949953421312.0;
    long long iInt1 = (long long)f;
    long long iInt2 = static_cast<long long>(f);

In old public source codes of AutoIt also the C-cast was used for the Int() function ((__int64)m_fValue in method n64Value in file variant_datatype.cpp). In the meantime, however, there has apparently been a change here.

#3816 Completed Improvement of the example in the help of the function _WinAPI_ReadDirectoryChanges Jpm domenic.laritz@…

The example in the help for the _WinAPI_ReadDirectoryChanges function contains the following line of code:

DirRemove($g_sPath, 1)

Since all "magic" numbers should be avoided if possible, the use of "$DIR_REMOVE" would be better than "1". But this then implies the inclusion of the file AutoItConstants.au3 (see also the documentation of the function DirRemove).

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