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#2708 No Bug re calculate "to" statment in "for ... to" loop TommyDDR

Should be the behavior of a for loop is the same as in other major programming languages.

Exemple showing that "getMax" is called only once.

For $i = 0 To getMax()
	ConsoleWrite("$i = " & $i & @LF)

Func getMax()
    Local $rand = Random(5, 10, 1)
    ConsoleWrite("getMax() : " & $rand & @LF)
    Return $rand

The output condition is currently not recalculated each loop while in C, C + +, java, it is. This could avoid some "dimension range excedeed" for example.

Exemple showing "dimension range excedeed" :

Global $tab = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

For $i = 0 To UBound($tab, 1)-1
    ConsoleWrite($tab[$i] & @LF)
    ReDim $tab[3]
#2116 No Bug random() is not random davegrave@…

There seems to be a bug if you use random() in multiple simultanously running instances of your compiled scripts. They return identically random numbers. I attached main script and stdout3.au3 which has to be compiled.

Main script calls stdout3.exe three times and communicates via stdout/stdin with the 3 workers.

Tried several things to fix it, like setting srandom(timerinit()) seed on each worker and doing short sleeps between the start commands in main.au3. Even with big sleeps (800ms) there are returned identical random numbers from worker threads.

Console Output looks like this:

thread started 1
thread started 2
thread started 3
I am working (4430)! 1
I am working (4430)! 2
I am working (4430)! 3

Problem can be solved by using the threadident variable for random range (see _random() in stdout3 script). Another workaround is to use srandom(@MSEC) inside the stdout3.au3, but it results sometimes in 2 identical random thread results.

#3164 Wont Fix problem with the function ToolTip COM Interface Jon blackrodger@…

In the process of the script vbs I use as an information window function ToolTip, example:

Set objAutoItTT = WScript.CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control")
strTT = "Update Adress Book. " & VbLf & "#############################" & VbLf
objAutoItTT.ToolTip strTT & "Preparation, checks." , 50, 50

In the process of writing the script used AutoitX3.dll library version Everything worked great.

After upgrading to version of the library, but the windows are not displayed tooltip.

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