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#458 No Bug ($var == '')=true for, Array, DllStruct.(?) mvgulik

($var == ) = true for, Array, DllStruct.(?)

not sure if this is correct autoit behavior or not.(bug?) but the following ($var == "") test returns true for a array type var. kind a expected it to return a false as the var type/content is not a string, nor empty. (same is true for a DllStruct var)

;~ dim $var = DllStructCreate("byte")
dim $var[2] = [1,2]
dim $Out = "if $var == '' then" & @CRLF
if $var == '' then
	$Out &= 'True'
	$Out &= 'False'
ConsoleWrite($Out & @CRLF)

tested on v3.2.12.1(missing in version list) and v3.2.13.4 also tested on v3.0.100.0 witch returned false(array).

#3571 Fixed (Beta) Map values are erased Jon qsek

Explanation and reproducer in this forums post:

#821 No Bug (NON-COMPONENT) In Script Precompiler Options BetaBug

Would like to be able to specify already available compiler options in the script that i am compiling. For instance to specify what the name of the exe will be and what icon to use. Right now in order to make tools for various editing programs we have to create scripts that create scripts that compile scripts. This is a huge pain. It would be so nice to just put before your includes "#icon=myicon.ico".

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