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#2634 Fixed Treat keyword Default like an unset optional parameter water

When keyword Default is passed to a function for an optional parameter it should be replaced by the default value for this parameter. This would save a lot of statements in many UDFs to set the value of a parameter to the default value as defined in the Func statement for optional parameters.

Example: The MsgBox should always display 1 for P1 even when passed as keyword Default.

Func _Test($P1 = 1, $P2 = 2)
	MsgBox(0, "Parameters", "P1: " & $P1 & @CRLF & "P2: " & $P2)

Has been discussed here:

#2725 Fixed Problem printing help file with multiple examples Jpm water

When printing the help file for _Excel_RangeCopyPaste only the first of 4 examples is printed. I get the help text and the first example printed. For examples 2 to 4 I just get the heading "Example x Copy to clipboard" and a lot of empty lines but no example code.

Other users have notices this as well. Details can be found in this thread:

#2795 Fixed Syntax Highlighting in the forum still uses "old" Excel UDF syntax water

Since there is a new Excel UDF with new function names. The syntax highlighting in the forum still uses the old function names. Example: _ExcelBookClose() ; Excel UDF up to - Is highlighted but shouldn't be _Excel_BookClose() ; Excel UDF after - Is not highlighted but should be

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