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#2178 Duplicate problem with error anonymous

I'm getting the error "missing separator character after keyword" with this code:

$o.To=1 $o.In=1 $o.Then=1


The script works fine despite this error.

#3176 No Bug possible error in DriveMapAdd documentation rick.narveson@…

DriveMapAdd refers to 3 constants and claims they are defined in AutoItConstants.au3, but they aren't there. I could not find them anywhere.

[optional] A combination of the following:

$DMA_DEFAULT (0) = default $DMA_PERSISTENT (1) = Persistent mapping $DMA_AUTHENTICATION (8) = Show authentication dialog if required

Constants are defined in "AutoItConstants.au3"

I'm a new user of autoit (<6 mos). I'm not much of a programmer but I like it a lot for task automation.

Rick Narveson,

#1600 No Bug please check "=" Operator bug ssmmhh@…

please check "=" Operator bug

  1. ConsoleWrite (0 = "x") ; -> True
  2. ConsoleWrite (0 == "x") ; -> False
  3. ConsoleWrite (1 = "x") ; -> False
  4. ConsoleWrite (1== "x") ; -> False

why "1." result is true, is this bug?

i found this issue in Array.au3 (_ArraySearch) case compare 0 vs string

971 : If $avArray[$i] = $vValue Then Return $i 997 : If $avArray[$i][$j] = $vValue Then Return $i

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