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#399 No Bug Advanced Mode with GuiCtrlRead for Context Menu anonymous

With AutoIt, it always return "-1" instead of the text of the control (Context Menu)

It work perfectly with

#403 No Bug Different results for both for loops anonymous

The two available for loops create different results, when nummeric values are used. works as expected (results are numerical values), creates string values from numeric data types. I would expect both loops to do the same in this case.

;For loops create different results with numeric arrays
Dim $Array1[2]
Dim $Array2[2]

For $Item in $Array1
	$Item = 5

For $Index = 0 to 1
	$Array2[$Index] = 5

$Result1 = "Array1[0] is String: " & IsString($Array1[0]) & ", is Number: " & IsNumber($Array1[0])
$Result2 = "Array2[0] is String: " & IsString($Array2[0]) & ", is Number: " & IsNumber($Array2[0])

MsgBox(0, "For loop results", $Result1 & @CR & $Result2)
#404 No Bug the time of the Sleep() command is vague De`ak (bigdeak@…

Hello Developers,

i did some tests on vista and windows XP, the sleep times of the sleep command is really vagua. I'm working on a software, where i need a sleep of 1 ms, but if i use Sleep( 1 ), the real stop time is 10 ms on Vista and 15 ms on xp. Here is a source code of testing the Sleep() function:

while 1
	$begin = TimerInit()
	Sleep( 1 )
	$dif = TimerDiff($begin)
	ConsoleWrite($dif & @CRLF)

The strange thing is: If you give a time of 11 ms on Vista, the sleep time is 21 ms (on xp the time is given: 16 ms -> 31 ms), or 22 for 32 ms on Vista etc.

it would be nice if the Sleep() function is preciser...

sorry for my bad english XD

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