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#2584 Fixed ...\txt2htm\txtFunctions\ - text formating guinness mlipok

with reference to:

I remove not needed {ENTER}

and change, this:

	windows API WSAGetError return value

to this:

	Windows API WSAGetError return value

I mean change "windows" to "Windows", because this help me to isolate that file with using this RegExp:

.{20,}\r\n\s*?[a-z].{3,} .{5,}

attached file contain:

DirGetSize.txt GUICtrlCreateAvi.txt GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem.txt GUICtrlSetImage.txt TCPConnect.txt TCPListen.txt TCPRecv.txt UDPBind.txt UDPCloseSocket.txt UDPRecv.txt UDPSend.txt

#2606 Completed ..\txtlibfunctions\ - Formating_3 guinness mlipok

btw there is still this issue: in _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow.txt

    [optional] The region within the client area to apply the blur behind.
    A zeroth value (Default) will apply the blur behind the entire client area).

is that just a verbal mistake "A zeroth value" ?

#2609 Completed ..\txtlibfunctions\ - Formating_4 guinness mlipok

the next part....

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